LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 179 – Iguana Rides Again

This was our first show for a month, and boy did we have some new beauties for you.

The play list included dub from Canada, Drum and Bass from France, Ska-punk from Brighton, hip hop from Bristol and punk rock from the south wales valleys.

And as we went out live, Tara Iguana was celebrating twenty one years on the planet, so this entire show is dedicated to her.

Listen again below innit


  1. Miserelou: BY SHOWHAWK DUO – One of our favourite new discoveries this year – at once upon a time in the west – have announced tour next year
  2. She’s so kerosene: BY THE INTERUPTERSLos Angeles ska-punk band The Interrupters their third studio album, “Fight the Good Fight”, out now. The first single shared is “She’s Kerosene”. On tour in UK shortly and in the USA with Barstool Preachers and Bedouin Soundclash
  3. Not Afraid: BY THE UKULELE DEATH SQUAD – From new EP released in August
  4. Killswitch: BY KING KONG COMPANYBrand new single from a band making big waves over on the emerald isle
  5. Submarine: BY THE HERBALISER From their latest album Bring Out The Sound. Almost 25 years of touring and recording. Best known for delivering a series of ground-breaking albums on Ninja Tune.
  6. Sacred Dub: BY DUBMATIX From the new album King Sized Dub. Canadian prouder with a prolific output. This is part of the Echo Beach Kings Size dub series. The idea behind this particular release is to share some of the remixes, dubs and alternate versions Dubmatix use for touring along with a few new dub tracks.
  7. Black Tie: BY GRACE PETRIE From forthcoming album by Grace, Queer and Folk. Politically aware folk tunes and great to see live – on tour including a visit to Cardiff.
  8. The Breitbart Boys: BY SLOW FACTION New release, free to download on the Bandcamps. London boys looking back to the old skool punk vibe with political lyrics. This one references the alt-right media that is stirring up hater throughout the world. A bit like Katie Hopkins, who has been stirring the shit in Wales this past week.
  9. Drive BY BARSTOOL PREACHERS From the brand new album Gracie Governo, which is getting rinsed at iguana HQ at the moment. Fantastic album from Brighton based outfit that have seriously impressed us live this year.
  10. Midnight Rockers: BY BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASHFrom the 2007 album Street Gospels. More proof of how hot the scene is in Canada.
  11. See no, hear no, speak no: BY REGIME playing in Cwmcarn on Friday the 14th September (this weekend if you are listening live) and are a definite must see band live.
  12. Never Gonna Let: CAZ GARDINER & THE BADASONICS– From brand new, self-titled, debut album by the seriously funky USA and Belgium based outfit. Absolutely beautiful vibe.
  13. In walks Barbarella: BY CLUTCHfrom the new, 12th album, out last week, Book of Bad Decisions.
  14. Bugs: BY SLAVES From the much talked about new album Acts of Fear and Love – on tour later this year
  15. Abdullah’s Dilemma BY COSMO Not particularly new, but it’s from the man’s greatest hits album which is reviewed on the iguana website. We often take the dude for granted as he is always around, but when we sat down and listened we remembered what a talented guy he is.
  16. Money money money BY SKINNER AND TWITCHETTfrom the brand new album Everybody’s Grotty. Quirky comedy folk dudes, big friends of the show and always in touch – thanks both.
  17. Far below BY PINEAPPLE THIEF We don’t often play ‘prog rock’, but these guys show prog does not have to be a dirty word. On label set up by Porcupine tree. Review on website
  18. Snake dance: BY KILLING JOKE Not new, from 2015 album Pylon. This being the Youth remix. Playing because we have revamped the website and starting to get some old stuff on line, including Youth Interview.
  19. Eagles shield: BY DF TRAM New release from DF tram, on Youth’s Liquid Sound Design label. Ambient chill out stuff with some interesting samples. On Bandcamp – if you buy it you get bonus tracks that are not available to stream. Includes remixes by the Orb and Irresistible Force
  20. Silk Road: BY SUBVIVORS From the latest collection Underground Bordeauax Massive Volume Two. Fifteen d’n’b, dub dubstep and such like tunes free to download.
  21. I want you dead BY HEADNOISE New release from Aberdare based electro pop revivalists. Big friends of the Dapper FM station
  22. Tattoos and Tiaras BY TENPLUSEONEValleys based punk outfit making a bit of a name for themselves on the local scene. Taken from the new self-titled album
  23. Indestructible truth no lies: BY THE KNITWEAR JUNKIES released earlier this year, unfeasibly soulful vibes from the valleys featuring Suzi Chunk and several faces from the local scene, including members of the Bleeding Noses.
  24. Heritage of queens and kings: BY THE HANG MASSIVE from brand new album released last weekend. It’s so hip its unhip, we shouldn’t like it, but we really do.