Corky and Dymock get ready for Euro 2016

Wales fans away
Wales fans away

First time around he forgot what day it was, then when we finally got him into the studio Corky broke the radio station. But we managed to salvage something from it and we now have two hours in conversation with Paul Corkrey and Neil Dymock of the Football Supporters Federation Cymru recorded and on line for you to listen at your own inconvenience.

Yep, apologies to those of you that tried to listen live but Corky managed to pull out a vital cable and we could not work out where it came from. But no matter, below you will find a downloadable link to our chat about the forth coming Euro 2016 Tournament.

Expect vital information about stadiums, discussions about wales prospects of winning the final and tales of leper colonies.

Big shout out to Dapper FM for hosting the show – and apologies for breaking the station.

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