Peppermint Iguana Radio

Peppermint Iguana Radio has taken a break from live broadcasts, but we are still putting out the best new music from beyond the mainstream through cloudcasts.

WHAT SORT OF MUSIC IS PLAYED? For two hours you will be able to leave behind the mega stores and the major labels, stop drinking from the main stream, cast off your shackles and join the Peppermint Iguana Crew as we romp naked through the forest foraging for free range organic grooves, grown by musicians that lovingly cultivate sounds that have textures and vibes you will not find in factory farmed plastic pop.

We will visit a land more underground than the cellar in Tower Colliery; more DIY than B&Q, more hardcore than a pit bull with rabies and more eclectic than a thing that has recently come first in the world eclectic championships.

There are no fences or laws in this land, punk will be allowed to mix with dub, techno will mix with metal, rap will mix with folk, soul will mix with afrobeats and cider will mix with football. The Peppermint Iguana Crew will show you were to go to pick the ripest tunes and hang around the studio trying to stop the whole thing sounding like a fire in a pet shop.

A look around this website will give you a clue, but we will also be playing some hidden gems from the past.

We did live broadcasts for eleven years and still knock out pre-recorded shows. Most of them can be found on Mixcloud, go here peppermintiguanaradio’s Stream | Mixcloud