No Mac Sunak throws down gauntlet for six week long rap battle.

The first shots of a six week long rap battle were fired by No Mac Sunak outside 10 Drowning Street yesterday (20th May).

Sunak, a Wet Tory,  has challenged MC Keith Kalmer to a classic war of words, with the winner getting the code to the key safe for the most prestigious AirBnB in London.

Kicking off by toasting over the D Ream tune, ‘Things Can Only Get Wetter’, No Mac threw down lines like ‘Labour is a bit pants’, ‘the economy is not as shit as it was yesterday’ and “honestly, Labour really are pants’.

Keith responded far more positively,  singing about Labour’s six pledges.

  1. Raindrops on roses,
  2. Whiskers on kittens
  3. Bright copper kettles
  4. Warm woollen mittens
  5. Old Labour socialists tied up with string
  6. Brown paper envelopes,  kerching, kerching, kerching !

It is expected that the final of the battle on 4th of July will have more TV coverage than Eurovision, involve more controversial contestants,  but fewer people actually bothering to vote.

On Twitter @apathetic commented “It’s too political these days, it’s about time it was scrapped”.

We couldn’t agree more. Whoever you vote for, the government wins.