MUSIC REVIEW: Convoy Cabaret Compilation (Grow Your own Records 2024)

Convoy Cabaret sampler to raise funds for the crew and to give you an idea of what to expect from one of their shows.

The Convoy Cabaret have been chucking their stage up at other people’s festivals and doing their own Naughty Corner events for over a decade now. This sampler features twelve of the bands that have been sent to stand in the corner over the years.

Looking at the list of artists it reminds us how much of a family the grassroots festival scene has become over the years. It also reminds us of how healthy the scene is.

There is an eclectic mix. Whilst all bands here have cut their teeth on punk rock, they have all taken their own route and thrown in something new to create something original. It kicks off with the electro punk of Dissident Noize Factory, through the jump up Ragga of Last Tree Squad and ends with the anarcho-ska-punk of The Sporadics. We were already familiar with the vast majority of the bands, such as the the naughty Doghouse, the bouncy Dogshite and the smashing China Shop Bull, but the few that we weren’t familiar with, such as Split Dog, have sent us off in search of their back catalogue – which is ultimately one of the aims of this type of album.

This album will either take you back to a field and bring back memories, or if you are not familiar with the crew, make you sit up and find out more. Personally, it has sent us leafing through our diary to see what we are doing in September.

The CD and Vinyl come with a sixteen page colour booklet. Or you could just get the digital version from Bandcamp.
all profits from cd going to charity

Grow Your Own Records was set up and is run by Gary from Anthrax UK to support the anarcho punk scene. We’re very much a DIY label. We started making the covers at home on the kitchen table but don’t do so much of that now because of how much time it takes, though we still pride ourselves on the quality of our packaging and take a lot of care to get each release right.