Film Reviews

claperboardThis is where you will find our film reviews. Mostly music stuff but also random arthouse and political stuff.

As you would expect, mostly (but not always) shit you will not find in your local 3D i-max multiplex.

In alphabetical order

Cinemas/film festivals we recommend

Chapter Arts Cardiff: Bohemian ghetto in the middle of Canton, Cardiff. With two cinemas they regularly show non-mainstream films and with the newly refurbished bar / restaurant the whole experience is light years ahead of going to a multiplex that sell buckets of popcorn for ten quid a chuck.

Maxime Blackwood: Independent, friendly, old school and only £2.50 (£3.50 on weekends) to get in.

London Labour Film Festival: A weekend long festival of films with the labour movement and trade uniosn in mind. Takes place in September

Independent film makers worth checking out

Undercurrents – Radical doccumentary makers based in Swansea. Also run trainging for video activists