LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show #303 (25/01/22)

Roland 303 (see what we did there?)

Our Burns night radio show happened to be our 303rd show, so there was loads of 303 music, and loads of burns music and loads of new shit and previews of gigs coming up

It sounded like this


  1. Protect me from this remix: BY RANDOM HAND
  2. Tales of intervention: BY RANDOM HAND
  3. Everybody needs a 303: BY FATBOY SLIM
  4. 303: BY KULA SHAKER
  5. Playing field dub: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
  6. Take it back remix: BY THE HAGGIS HORNS
  7. September: BY HAZY SEA
  8. Stonerfific: BY KING WEED.
  9. White skin against me: BY BABAR LUCK
  10. Land of lions: BY THE FILAMENTS
  11. Anarcho pie: BY OI POLOI
  12. Life’s disgrace: BY CHAIN OF DISSENT
  13. All my friends: BY THE BREWERS DAUGHTER
  14. Mental remix: BY DUB WAR
  15. Hush deep down in a Babylon: BY Q SHAQ
  16. Solidaridub: BY DUBAMIX
  17. Dirty states of mind remix: BY KING ROOSTER
  18. Raving in a warehouse: BY DAVE THE DRUMMER
  19. Emergency broadcast: BY SPACE OTTER
  20. Cardinal puff live: BY TRIBE OF CRO
  21. Ayurvedism: BY OZRIC TENTACLES

Show first broadcast on on 25th January 2022. Next show, 8pm Tuesday 1st January