LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 302 (18/01/22)

For this week’s show we did some digging through the archives to dust off a few tunes we have put on the system but not played. We even managed a few requests!

And it sounded like this


  1. Conga Fury: BY JUNO REACTOR
  2. Grifter: BY KING BUFFALO
  3. Crossroad to the impossible: KING WEED
  4. Sone of a preacher remix: BY DUSTY SPRINGFIELD
  5. Bang bang remix: BY NANCY SINATRA
  6. Pentrich rising: BY FEROCIOUS DOG
  7. Electric worry weatherman session: BY CLUTCH
  8. Messiah: BY TANGLED FEET
  9. Tragedy for you: BY FRONT 242
  10. Wellend shanty: BY GOLDIE LOOKING CHAIN
  11. The kittyman: BY THE TRAILERPARK BOYS
  12. Tv Bastard: BY THE BLUNDERS
  13. People are cunts: BY MAD DOG COLLECTIVE
  14. Smells like a remix: BY NIRVANA
  15. Banned from the roxy: BY STEVE AKOI
  16. More jam: BY TRIBE OF CRO
  17. Mexican grass war: BY TWINK
  18. The broken law: BY DISCHARGE
  19. Rejects: BYU THE SPORADICS
  20. Maybe I’m amazed: BY THE FACES
  21. Ganjaman: BY YOUTH AND GAUDI
  22. Ebon Coast: BY ANDY MCKEE

Show first broadcast on Jacs Radio on 18th January 2022