LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 249 – Best of 2021 (05/01/21)

Only five days old and 2021 had already brought us some cracking new releases to feature on Peppermint Iguana Radio Show 249.

We mixed them up with some older tunes from the archive and gave them all a good shake.

It sounded like this


  1. Dreadlockdown: BY DUBWIZER
  2. Put your mask on: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
  3. It’s all fucked up: BY GAIL AND DAVE
  4. The ride: BY SLAMBOREE
  5. Coming over here remix: BY ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION
  6. Ephemere: BY ZERO TALENT
  7. Sound of the suburbs: BY THE MEMBERS
  8. Baby when I see you: BY CASS CARNABY
  9. Hanami dub part two: BY DREADLOCK TALES
  10. Silent storm: BY LEGO EDIT
  11. Get carter remix; BY BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA
  12. California dreaming remix: BY BOBBY WOMACK
  13. Ace of spades: BY PRONGHORN
  14. The salmon song: BY STEVE HILLAGE
  15. The half inch accident: BY CROFT NUMBER FIVE
  16. Way ya: BY BAKA BEYOND
  17. Let there be flutes: BY BENTLEY RHYTHM ACE
  18. Virus: BY WORM
  19. Meet me on Tuesdays: BY THE BRILLIANT CORNERS
  21. La grande bete: BY LECOD AFRIQUE
  22. Heritage of queens and kings: BY HANG MASSIVE

Show first broadcast on 5th January 2021 on Jacs Radio