IGUANA DJ MIX: Mind the Gap – Cained on a Train mix (31/12/2020)

Peppermint Iguana did a DJ mix!

Below you will find a ‘funky-ish’ mix to get ya grooving around ya home during lockdown. As it is new year, you might want to make it your soundtrack as you slide into 2021

Radio DJing and actual club type DJing are two very different things. Whilst Peppermint Iguana Radio has been around for ten years now, that’s just picking good tunes, playing them and talking about them. We have never really got into ‘mixing’ and getting a crowd to dance. Until today – but without the crowd – or indeed the mixing if we are honest.

It is our very first attempt at doing this, so it is not particularly clever technically. It is just playing some funky tunes and trying to fade them into each other – sometimes incredibly well, sometimes incredibly poorly. Hence ‘mind the gap between this tune and the next’.

It is a mix of some of the funkier tunes we have played on the radio show, with a few older tunes we have dusted off for the occasion. There’s a fair few familiar tunes here remixed.

The words ‘funky’ and ‘groovy’ spring to mind. ‘Phat’ and ‘deep’ also spring to mind, even though we don’t really know what they mean.

Anyway, here it is


  3. Creepshow: BY PLUMP DJS
  4. I wish you were here: BY JOHN CREAMER AND STEPHAN K
  5. Eternal desire: BY SOULSMOKE
  6. Can’t get away remix: ROLLOVER MILANO
  7. Smells like teen spirit: BY DIRTY FUNKERS
  8. Liquid spirit remix: BY GREGORY PORTER
  9. Get carter: BY PEAK
  10. Chasing the mule: BY VIKING GROOVES
  11. The cosmic cat: BY ROLLOVER MILANO
  12. Shaft remix: BY ISAAC HAYES
  13. Know how: BY YOUNG MC
  14. California dreaming remix: BY BOBBY WOMACK
  15. Save a little love: BY FAB SAMPERI
  16. Alcoholic drinks: BY SAMP BROTHERS AND OUTBOUND
  17. Sahara seventy two: BY THE BOBBY HUGHES EXPERIENCE
  18. Silent storm: BY LEGO EDIT
  19. Get cained: BY WIDE RECEIVER
  20. One love remix: UTAH SAINTS V STONE ROSES
  21. Mirror in the bathroom remix: BY THE BEAT
  22. Carter takes a train: BY ROY BUDD

Recorded at Peppermint Iguana HQ in one sitting on New Year’s Eve 2020 with a cider in one hand and a mouse in the other and we enjoyed it. Hopefully you will to. We might have a go at something dubby next!