Whiplash is a film about ambition, perfectionism and drive, disguised as a film about jazz drumming.

whiplash.34229Andrew Neiman (is a student that dreams of being the best jazz drummer in the world. Terence Fletcher (Miles Teller) is a teacher from the Gunny Heartman school of educators – Full Metal Jacket with drums.

Neiman is prepared to sacrifice his all to be the next Buddy Rich, including his girlfriend and the affection of his family. At one point he even risks his life to make sure he is on stage with the band.

Fletcher is a teacher that thinks the best way to get the best out of musicians is to abuse students and throw furniture at them. Despite the fact that Fletcher is a knob, Neiman worships him and puts up with all sorts of crap to impress him and get in his band.


More than just a story about jazz, it is a story about priorities in life. Success in a chosen career or happiness with family and friends. The film raises many questions, but does not answer them, simply leaves you questioning things.

Oh – and there is some pretty bloody good jazz along the way