This is a warts and all documentary reviewing the rise and fall of nineties mega stars, Oasis. Within less than three years they rose from playing in pubs to headlining Knebworth.

Oasis were one of the most over rated and under talented bands the UK has ever produced. Filling arenas with ‘lads’ who had bought into the band, but ultimately a magnificent triumph of style over substance.

However. Whilst the music was pretty shite there is no ignoring the fact that that they had rock and roll attitude. They walked and talked like a street gang from Mancunia, probably because they were. At one point Noel even states that the reason he employed the road crew he did, was because he knew if they were with him, they were not robbing his house.

There is one comical moment on tour in the USA when the band were all on crystam meth on stage and all playing a different song.

They had arrogance, flair and a total disregard for the establishment.

In this film they talk completely openly about their rough upbringing, their family feuds, partying and drugs.

They must have known they were going to be famous, because this film includes loads of footage from the early days, including their first ever rehearsal. We also get interviews with friends family and various industry and record label types.

Family is touched on quite a lot, because it is impossible to ignore the fact that the dynamic between brothers Liam and Noel was a major part of the story. A bitter sweet, love hate relationship that could on times lead to major fallings out.

As with most cocky rock and rollers there is a lot of arrogance on display and Noel comes over as a fairly quick witted street wise guy, likeable even, even though the arrogance is not backed up by enough talent to justify the self-confidence. As he points out in the film though, he is a multi-millionaire and lots of people were more appreciative of the noise his band made than me, so he has the last laugh.

Watch the film even if you don’t like the band, it’s a grin.