HEADNOISE Special Effects Improves The Defects (Self released 2017)

South Wales based electro pop band HEAD NOISE with their fourth release; a six track mini album – ep – ish – thing.

This has the vibe of that arty period in the early eighties when post punk was going off in different directions and no-one had quite worked out what synth pop was supposed to sound like. Which is a bit odd, because we don’t think the band was even born then.

The difference though, is that technology has come on a bit since then and there is no hint of home-made synths or dodgy mixing. There is a warmth to the sound with the smooth bass vibe silently wrapping itself around you and giving you a hug.

It has an odd familiarity, providing you with memories of a time gone by, but at the same time, is like nothing you have heard before.

They are a three piece band, including members of the now defunct Bankrupt Pug, and the instrument list is Keytar, Guitar (x2), electronics and ‘various’. We are not sure which gizmo the bass and drums are coming from, but that does not really matter.

They manage to be upbeat, but at the same time dark, with throbbing low end vibrations mixed with jabbing guitar. If you fancy a retro eighties night with a twenty first century take on things, these guys must surely be what you are looking for.