Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk to terrorise studio

South Wales finest power trio, ‘The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk’ are finally getting their shit together to release some music.

And it true DIY style, which is how we like it is here at Iguana HQ, they are doing it through one of them pledge thingys.

The ransom note that went out from the band state the following.

After 3 years of destroying Cardiff with our high voltage live shows, wandering through the valley’s and melting minds with our psychedelic presence, and tearing up every city in the UK that matters on our monumental 16 date tour, We are finally ready to commit ourselves to a recording.

The plan is to release 4 EP’s next year, one each in March, June, September and December. We have the perfect studio booked in late January, the songs and the manic power of our egos ready for our first effort. All we are asking of you is a little financial support.

You’ve all been begging us for it, so let’s get it on!

We need £300 off you sexy champions, as we’re raising the rest ourselves. But anything you can all give will also go towards the future EP’s.

Anybody donating over a fiver get’s a copy of the first EP.

Within no time at all the £300 target was reached, but it cost more than that to record an EP, so you can still weigh in and help. Options available include getting the band to come around your house to perform (£50) a season ticket to all of their gigs this year (£50) and a full on sexual experience with the band (£500).

Gwan. You know you want to. Pledge the fuck out of it