CABINET OF MILLIONAIRES: Theresa (December 2018)

Cabinet of Millionaires are back, with a dig at Theresa Mayhem.

Poor old Theresa. She is having a rough time of it. Not only is she getting grief from Her Majesty’s Opposition, but she is getting grief from the EU, grief from her pals in the DUP and one third of her party have no confidence in her. Bless. Perhaps we should give her some space?

Bollocks. She is a Tory, and is part of the gang that wants to privatise the NHS, tax you for having a spare bedroom, has driven people to living on the streets and getting food from food banks. No, she does not deserve our sympathy.

Pat Fulgoni once again lays his lush dulcets over some driving rhythms, providing us with yet more beats for your heads, hearts and feets.

This is just the latest in a string of releases from the Cabinet of Millionaires project and, like all other releases, will shortly be followed up with a string of remixes.

The accompanying video highlights what life is like for an increasing number of people today, living from hand to mouth on the streets.

As is the Fulgoni way, despite being a protest song, there is nothing depressing about the tune, it is uplifting musically whilst the lyrics agitate and educate. Dance to it whilst you organise.

The last time we felt the urge to sing a Prime Minister’s name out loud The Beat were singing about Mrs T. This tune stirs the same emotions thirty plus years on. When will we be rid of these bastards?

Tight gits can download for free on Bandcamp. The rest of us will of course weigh in.