LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 222 – AKA The Lockdown Sessions 11 (09/06/20)

Peppermint Iguana Radio Show No 222 – AKA The Lockdown Sessions No 11 – will go out live on Tuesday 9th February at 8pm UK time.

With all gigs on hold, we have been digging deep to buy music to support artists at this uncertain time. The show will feature some of the music we have bought, including The Lockdown Collective,  Gaudi, Tribazik, Doozer McDooze, Killdren, Funke and the Two Tone Baby, Bogus Gasman, Mad Professor and loads more.

We are also blessed to say we will feature a word exclusive in the form of the first public airing of Ebony and Ivory, as performed by Benji and Beddis

To listen live go to from 8pm BST on Tuesday 9th June

Some browsers do n ot like the stream on that site, so if you have any problems, go to or better still, use the Tune In App.