LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 307 – Farewell to Jacs – extended show (22/02/22)

On 22/02/2022 at 20:00 the Peppermint Iguana Radio Show went out live for an extended three-hour farewell to Jacs Radio.

Sadly, Jacs Radio will be closing down on the 28th February. Fear not, this is not the end of the Peppermint Iguana Radio Show, merely the end of our chapter with Jacs Live Music Venue. Irons are already in the fire for another station to rise out of the ashes, although we might be broadcasting from home for a while. Watch this space for updates.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Jacs for giving us a home for the last few years and hope you can get back to your pre-covid glory soon.

But any way – what was our last show like. Well, it was a little bit, in fact it was an awful lot like, in fact it was exactly like – this


  1. We gotta get out of this place: BY THE ANIMALS
  2. Chasing the mule: BY VIKING GROOVES
  3. Silent storm: BY LEGO EDIT
  4. Louder harder faster part two: BY TARNATISM
  5. Guns of Brixton: BY BLAGGERS ITA
  6. Lords of chaos: BY KILLING JOKE
  7. Another day: BY ONE EYED GOD
  8. Cross the line: BY THE DUBIOZA KILLEKTIV
  9. Ace of spades: BY THE UKRAINIANS
  10. Papers please: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
  11. Forty years in rhyme: BY ATILLA THE STOCKBROKER
  12. Down to earth dubmatix remix: BY THE GENTLEMAN’S DUB CLUB
  13. Wax donor: BY HEADSPIN
  14. Don’t count me out: ROUGHNECK RIOT
  15. Enlighten: BY CHINA SHOP BULL
  16. You’re gone: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  17. Copy that: BY GEST4LT
  19. Coppers in the dance: BY THE AUTONOMADS
  20. Self destruct nation: BY KILLDREN
  21. 137995: BY PIZZATRAMP
  22. Full metal dub: BY YOUTH MEETS JAH WOBBLE
  23. State of mind: FOR SLOVO
  24. Girl on the run: BY HONEY BANE
  25. Tottenham three: BY THE AK47S
  26. Blues for Jean Charles De Menezes: BY MARCIA ARNOLD
  27. This world is fucked up: BY MICHAEL FRANTI AND SPEARHEAD
  28. You wanna stay: BY INFECTED MUSHROOM
  29. Push through the silence: BY LOVE BAZZAR
  30. Shaft: BY THE CHOSEN FEW
  31. Fibonacci sequence: BY INTO THIN AIR
  32. Dark Matter cross the line: BY A0S3
  33. Wonderful world: BY LOUIS ARMSTRONG