LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show #300 (04/01/22)

The first Peppermint Iguana Radio Show of 2022, just happened to be our 300th ever radio show. As usual, we had no real plan, not a lot of thought, just the best new releases of the year (yes, four days in) and some half thought out shout outs to the tribe.


It sounded like this


  1. Hell raiser: BY THE SWEET
  2. New age blues: BY CAM COLE
  3. You know too much and I’m going to have to kill you: BY COSMO
  5. To love somebody: BY NINA SIMONE
  6. Lights: BY DEAD AT 27
  7. Milk and alcohol: BY DR FEELGOOD
  8. Sick of being sick: BY THE DAMNED
  9. Sink jam: BY ROYAL DUB
  10. Antiphony: BY KEENO
  11. Knighthoods are for cunts: BY PIZZATRAMP
  12. Eighties dub: BY KILLING JOKE
  13. Vestiges of a hard landing: BY BLACK SKY GIANT
  14. Rubberface: BY ONE EYED GOD
  15. Inner creative state: BY HEADMIX COLLECTIVE
  16. Harthouse reels: BY TARANTISM
  17. Wow Picasso: BY OSS
  18. Acid minister: BY MOMA READY
  19. Killing in the name of: BY RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE
  20. Breaking away: COMMANDER BOOM
  21. Shadows: BY KING BUFFALO
  22. Analogue sympathy: BY KUBA

Show first broadcast on on 4th January 2022. Next show, 8pm Tuesday 11th January