LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 282 Jacs Showcase for GTFM

We have something a little different here for you – a showcase reflecting music from across the board of Jacs Radio. It was recorded to be broadcast on GTFM – our sister station that broadcasts to Rhondda Cynon Taf on ye olde FM

We had Eggy McEgg in the studio to help us make sense of things

The show that actually went out on GTFM was edited. Here it be in full fat form


  1. Tear the place down: BY THE TOP CATS
  2. Woolf totem: BY THE HU
  3. Stereo Fuzz: BY ACID ROOSTER
  4. Turning my heartbeat up: BY THE MVPS
  5. Dark n stormy: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
  6. Adagio for strings: BY TIESTO
  7. God is a DJ: BY SHOWHAWK DUO
  8. Crescent man v demolition man: BY BUZZARD BUZZARD BUZZARD
  9. Šibensko Powerhouse: BY JOHN TIMES TWO
  10. Neighborhood: BY SPACE
  11. Shot me down: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  12. E = MC2 Dub: BY GAUDI
  13. Ian smith rock dub: BY CREATION REBEL
  14. Songs in June: BY KINGS GAMBIT
  15. Suo gan: BY TARAN
  16. Grain sand and mud: BY A
  17. Descent into the maelstrom: BY RADIO BIRDMAN
  18. Chaise lounge: BY WET LEG
  20. Blue Monday Gaudi mix: BY DUB PISTOLS AND DUBMATIX
  21. A fist full of dollars: BY TRIBE ONE

Peppermint Iguana Radio goes out live every Tuesday from 8pm till 10pm on

Thanks to GTFM for the support.