LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 273 – Euro 2020 Party – Part Three (22/06/21)

Wales are still in the Euros, so this week’s Peppermint Iguana Radio Show on Jacs Radio is still splattering Euro related tunes all over the play list.

We had loads of Welsh music, along with Dub from Amsterdam, Techno from Denmark, punk from Russia, and of course, we still have our new releases from the last week

The show sounded like this


  1. Football time: BY THE QUICKSTEPS
  2. Theme to match of the day: BY SNUFF
  3. Tails for Wales: BY THE MATCH STICK HEADS
  4. Boy from Wales called Gareth Bale: BY HELEN LOVE
  5. Amsterdam: BY JAYA THE CAT
  6. Radar love: BY GOLDEN EARRING
  7. White rabbit: BY ZETAN SPORE
  8. Apocalypto: BY TRAK TRK
  10. Mae’n Amser: BY CANDELAS
  11. Billy’s: BY SHOOGLENIFTY
  12. Night train: BY THE SOCAL SOUL STARS
  13. Blue Monday dub: BY DUB PISTOLS
  14. Dub more crying: BY THE SLACKERS
  15. Patrice Lumumba dub: BY ZION TRAIN
  16. Justice for Grenfell dub: BY ATILLA THE STOCKBROKER
  17. Shot me down: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  18. Put your mask on: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
  19. Ignore the policeman rastaman: BY FLUVSTER
  20. Sense of reality: BY MELANIE S JANE
  21. Fanzine ynfytyn: BY DATBLYGU
  22. Fear of a welsh planet: BY GOLDIE LOOKING CHAIN
  23. Travelling dub: BY RYMDFUNK
  24. Jupiter: BY ELYSIUM

Show first broadcast on on 22nd June 2021

Next show Tuesday 29th at 8pm