LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 222 – Lockdown session 11 (09/06/20)

Show 222 hit the airwaves on 9th June, amid crazy times. As if covid 19 was not enough, the world is ablaze with racism and anti-racist protests.

Needless to say, alongside all the new releases, this week’s play list reflected this

And here it is to listen again


  1. Kick Over the statues: BY THE REDSKINS
  2. Angry planet: BY NEW MODEL ARMY
  3. Kingston six: BY PAOLO BALDINI
  4. Ganjaman remix: BY YOUTH MEETS GAUDI
  5. As I watch Minneapolis burn: BY DAVID ROVICS
  6. Racist copper: BY KING PRAWN
  7. Souls immortal: BY TRIBAZIK
  9. No passaran: BY JOE SOLO
  10. Jackboot crusade: BY SCUM OF TOYTOWN
  11. Ebony and ivory: BY BENJI AND BEDDIS
  12. Donny takes a trip: BY THE FAKE NEWS CORP
  13. All I ever wanted: BY DOOZER MCDOOZE
  14. Rock lobster: BY FUNKE AND THE TWO TONE BABY
  15. Human contact: BY BEANS ON TOAST
  16. Balafon groove: LOCKDOWN COLLECTIVE
  17. Hands off our NHS: BY CLUSTERFUCK
  18. Custard pie: BY CLUSTERFUCK
  19. Edward Colston he’s in the water now: BY STEVE WHITE
  20. Start a war: BY FOREIGN LEGION
  21. Cinematic dub: BY GAUDI WITH MAD PROFESSOR
  22. Burning: BY THE HAGGIS HORNS
  23. Message from a black man: BY THE TEMPTATIONS
  24. I wish I knew how it feels to be free: BY NINA SIMONE

First broadcast on on Tuesday 9th June 2020