LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 221 – Lockdown Session 10 – with added extras (02/06/20)

Peppermint Iguana Radio #221 went out live on 2nd June 2020. The week when we marked the 30th Anniversary of the Battle of the Beanfield. The week when marked the death of George Floyd and unrest throughout America. The week we continued to be in a state of lockdown.

Our play list reflected the dark times, but hopefully also reflected the sunshine and raised a few smiles of hope.

This version of the show includes a few extras at the end not originally broadcast on Dapper FM.

Listen again below

Play list

  1. Little fluffy louds: BY THE ORB
  2. Hurry on sundown: BY HAWKWIND
  3. She’s my suffragette woman: BY THE ALABAMA THREE
  4. Social distance: BY THE LOCKDOWN COLLECTIVE
  5. Anarchist in homebase: BY TARANTISM
  6. Take me as I am: BY PRINCE FATTY
  7. Whitey on the moon: BY GIL SCOTT HERON
  8. Know your riots: BY THE CHOMSKY ALLSTARS
  9. Bella ciao live: BY THE FIREPIT COLLECTIVE
  10. Always antifascist: BY SPANNER
  11. No justie: BY SMITH AND MIGHTY
  12. Justice no justice: BY CHUMBAWAMA
  13. Roadblock : BY HELEN ON EARTH
  14. Battle of the Beanfield: BY THE LEVELLERS
  15. Move along song Beanfield dub: BY JINX IN DUB
  16. Electro rays remix: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  17. Shadrach fire: BY ALPHA AN OMEGA
  18. Moonlight ninja: BY THE ULULATORS
  19. Walk with me: BY ROOTS ORACLE
  20. Lockdown blues: BY THE LOCKDOWN COLLECTIVE
  21. A heroes death: BY FONTANES DC
  22. Dub scientist: BY HEADJAM
  23. Summer shadows: BY PAUL WELLER
  24. Feed the machine: BY THE BLUNDERS
  25. We live here: BY BOB VYLAN

First broadcast on on Tuesday 2nd June 2020