LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 199 – Landed Green Town Special

August is upon us, the month when the festival season goes into overdrive. So this week, we gave a few pointers of who to watch where, whether you are pointing your camper van towards Landed, hitching to Green Gathering or launching yourself at Boomtown

On top of all this, we will had new releases from Muddy Summers, Henrys Funeral Shoe, Doozer McDooze, Undying Heads, New Model Army, Pretty Vicious and Daniel Gaudi.

Listen again below


  1. Any rebels out there: BY SMILEY AND THE UNDERCLASS
  2. Hamburger meat: BY THE DEFEKTERS
  3. High vis: BY MUDDY SUMMERS
  4. Dub anarchy: BY FUNION
  5. Red alert: BY TARANTISM
  6. Slipping into darkness: BY THE SENIOR ALLSTARS
  7. Mushrooms: BY BUFF
  8. Toad licker: BY KEEPERS BREW
  9. Someone just like you: BY PRETTY VICIOUS
  10. High shoulders everywhere: BY HENRYS FUNERAL SHOE
  11. Bamboo toothbrush: BY BEANS ON TOAST
  12. Psychic Sidekick@ BY THE DEADLY LIGHT SHADES
  13. Modular rondo: BY GAUDI
  14. Carl junglist: BY ZUB ZUB
  15. Something wrong with the right: BY THE CHALK OUTLINES
  16. Scar spangled death rag: BY PRIMEVAL SOUP
  17. Lubyanka stomp: BY GONE TO EARTH
  18. Never arriving: BY NEW MODEL ARMY
  19. Rave to the grave: BY CHINA SHOP BULL
  20. Bankrobber: BY SMOKE LIKE A FISH
  21. Crack city rockers: BY LEFT OVER CRACK
  22. Renegade stomp: BY MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE
  23. American space: BY THE UNDYING HEADS
  24. Hiding in plain site: BY DOOZER MCDOOZE
  25. Greta Thurnburg: THE 1975


Show first broadcast on on 30th July 2019

Show sponsored by UNISON, the union for public service groovers

Hi Five to Jacs live music venue, Aberdare, for providing us with a space to run our humble radio station.