LISTEN AGAIN: Iguana Radio # 142 – Merthyr Rising 2017 Special

merthyr rising t shirtOn 28th March Lyn Williams, one of the directors of the Merthyr Rising Festival, joined us in the studio to chat about what is coming up at this year’s event, which takes place between 22nd and 28th May 2017.

We chatted about what is on the agenda this year, changes since last year and logistics – tickets and so on.

To listen again, check out the cloud cast below.

To listen to last year’s show, which looked into the motivation for running the event, check out the link at the bottom of the page.

Play list

1. Have you seen Bruce Richards Reynolds: BY THE ALABAMA THREE
2. Ready to blow: BY THE SANDINISTAS
3. Salt of the earth: BY CHRIS KING AND HOTEL RADIO
6. Livin’ in a rut: BY THE MOONBIRDS
7. Give youth a chance: BY THE RUTS
8. God is a DJ: BY FAITHLESS
9. No one is illegal: BY DAVID ROVICS
10. The three Rs: BY THEE FACTION
11. Step it up: BY THE STEREO MCS
12. Find a way: BY FIREROAD
13. One eyes song: BY THE DOLEAGE
14. This is England: BY ADRENALINE ANIMALS
15. Intoxicated: BY PLASTERSCENE
16. Before it goes any further: BY DIGITAL CRIMINALS
17. Who killed Bambi: BY TENPOLE TUDOUR
18. Going home: BY BUCK AND EVANS
19. Woke up this morning and got myself a gun: BY THE ALABAMA THREE
20. The end: BY THE STEREO MCS

First broadcast on 28th March 2017 on Dapper FM

Show sponsored by Cwm Taf Local Government Area branch of UNISON

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