BANKRUPT PUG: I Can’t Believe I Ate The Whole Thing (self-released 2017)

bankrupt pugAnyone that is stupid enough to let a dog have a bank account is in no place to complain when the dog goes bankrupt.

And this EP is an example of the beautiful anarchic funky chaos that ensues when a Pug goes bankrupt.

Forty years ago punk wormed its way up the valleys and for the next thirty years most punk bands in the valleys thought they had to follow that three chord blueprint. In recent years though there has been a healthy crop of valleys bands that have worked out how to have a bit of rhythm and even the odd guitar solo thrown into their sound without selling out that punk spirit. Bankrupt Pug are one such band.

This EP gives us four short sharp slices of original, high octane, funky rhythms with a sense of humour and – something all too often missing with some punk bands – lyrics you can actually understand.

Well, when we say understand, we mean you can make out what the words are. The sentences don’t actually make much sense. I am afraid here at Iguana HQ we cannot approve of cruelty to seagulls, but I am sure they don’t really want to stick things up their bums. But hey, Chuck Berry used to sing a load of bollocks as well, but that does not stop you wanting to dance to Chuck, or, indeed, the Pugs.

Looking forward to catching them on the tour to promote the EP.