PEPPERMINT IGUANA GIG: Folk Disco in Le Pub, Newport 10/02/18

Green Gathering Campaigns & Peppermint Iguana got sick of waiting for Summer, so came up with a plan to beat the winter blues: Let’s have a FOLK DISCO!

The gig takes place on 10th February 2018 in Newport’s coolest venue, Le Pub. Music will start at 7pm sharp, so be on your toes

Who be playing?

Tarantism Folk Disco
UK cult festival band based in Bristol playing an infectious mix of CelticDanceDubSkaFunkPunk. a couple of years back they came along to our stage and broke out a set of Disco covers in a folk style and sent everybody mental, the crowd forced them to play the entire set twice. Bring your dancing shoes!

Mercurius Rising
This up beat Anarcho acoustic folk/ska/punk band strolled into our field one year and rolled up on stage, and we all fell in love. If you haven’t already, we’re sure you will too.

The one-man anarcho-folk-punk-hiphop phenomenon is a core part of the campaigns team, plays, compares and gets in peoples faces every year. It wouldn’t be the same without him. Would it? we’ll never know…

The Brewer’s Daughter
We really never know who’s going to rock up to our open mic stage, but we knew we were in for something special when Rhiannon came along. A perfectly balanced brew of traditional and original folk music, featuring gutsy female vocals, an antique fiddle and a vintage 12-string guitar.

One of the joys of our open mic is performers who grace the stage in a very different guise than you might be used to. Fraggle of Back To The Planet has been one of these, usually accompanied by Doozer McDooze, who sadly can’t make it, so this will be a slimed down one man version. Expect songs about booze and boy racers and tea and wee.

Cara Means Friend
Yet another singer who you may be more familiar with play with their band, this time Cara from THE DEFEKTERS. Expect a tear up of acoustic punky ska / reggae.

KilnAboy Acoustic
The full Kilnaboy band, despite being very close friends of all the Campaigns crew, have never played our stage at the Green Gathering. However numerous members have graced our stage over the years. In fact the very first performance on the stage was Will & Brian have an acoustic jam. With a five song set, including three brand new tunes! Arrive at 7pm sharp not to miss them!

Peppermint Iguana Radio DJ
If you listen every other tuesday to Dapper FM, you’ll be aware of Clint’s musical taste.

We host the Campaigns Field of The Green Gathering Festival in Chepstow every August, in the daytime we run workshops and talks to raise awareness around diverse social and environmental justice issues, then in the evening we have the Radical Wales open mic stage for singing, dancing and falling over. With the festival 6 months away, we’re bringing some of the best of the performers indoors for one night oly. It’ll be good…

Please note: due to the large number of performers on the bill, the first act will be on stage at 7pm sharp! Please arrive early to see all the bands!!

£6 for Tickets (stbf). £8 on the door.