LISTEN LIVE: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 149 – The Return of the Fowler 18/07/17

TomFowler (on the left) hanging out with rock stars at Surplus
TomFowler (on the left) hanging out with rock stars at Surplus

The boy Fowler has been nagging to come back and do another radio show, so we have let him come back on the 18th July to shut him up.

“Get me back before Green Gathering” he said, “so I can play loads of Green Gathering bands and talk about the Radical Wales Campaign Area” he said.

So here we are, he is doing a show before the Green Gathering and how many GG bands is he playing? None. Not one. He is just playing his favourite recent tunes. We are sure he will do loads of talking about the festival though.

Don’t panic, Clint to the rescue, he will be playing some GG related choonage. He will also be playing a few teaser tracks by bands playing the forthcoming Landed Festival and will be announcing a special mega give away competition related to the aforementioned Landed.

Clint will also be throwing in some tunes that are not related to any festivals – they are just new.

Log on to from 8pm on Tuesday 18th July

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