WALES AWAY – BELGIUM 2022: Day Five, The Gap Year (21/09/22)

Today was to be our first day exploring Brussels.  So we were up with the larks for breakfast.

For €9 we could have cheese on toast, scrambled egg on toast, or just toast. When I say toast, I mean warm bread. We eagerly scoffed our way through the most important meal of the day, and went back to bed.

We resurfaced around 2pm and went off to the Carrefour Hotel to pick match tickets up off the FAW. Yes, Carrefour hotel. Who knew? Presumably Aldi’s dont do hotels so the skinflints at the FAW had to splash out on the Caerfour.

Just around the corner a couple of locals are sitting in puddles of their own piss drinking local fire water.

The town is starting to fill up with red shirts and bucket hats. Thousands are arriving today, but after five days on the piss we decide to go and have a lie down. Again. I am nearly sixty you know.

Before we go back we squeeze in a swift apple beer and a lovely vegan snack in a cafe. Even in the midst of chaos, the Europeans know how to eat. Fair play to them.

Then back to the room. I write yesterday’s blog, Purley Queen sleeps and I eventually join her.

Posh has come to life by about 7pm and we head out for s meal. She has met her match.

Posh: “I want the Vegetarian but dont like mushrooms”.

Waitress: “Then don’t have the Vegetarian”.

Posh: “Can I have the Vegetarian without mushrooms”

Waitress: “No. Just pick something else”.

Posh: “Ok, I’ll have the xxxxxx (cant remember what it was). But can I have gorgonzola with it.

Waitress: “that will be disgusting”

Posh: “But I want it”

Waitress: “I am Italian,  the chef is Italian.  We come up with these perfect recipes – and you want to chuck gorgonzola on it. Trust me, take a tip from this Italian,  just pick one off ths menu and don’t piss about with it”.

Posh: “Okay.  I’ll consider myself told”.

I just went for the vegetarian,  without messing with it. And do you know what? It would have made no sense at all with no mushrooms.  It was perfect as it was.

After chilling for a while Posh wants to go looking for her third favourite son in town. I admit defeat and head back to thd hotel so I can be fresh on match day tomorrow.

I would go further than say this hotel would look good in the seventies.  It would have looked good in the Soviet Union.  I am tempted to check if Belgium was ever in the Eastern Bloc.

The telly has no English language channels at all. I cant connect my laptop to the internet to watch Netflix,  so we drift off listening to the Goon Show on the radiogram.

Never mind. We will be up and at them bright tailed and bushy eyed in the morning.  MATCH DAY!