VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rollover Milano & Friends against Coronavirus (Rollover Milano Records 2020)

The Italian club scene working together to do their bit to fight ‘The Virus’. Nineteen super funky grooves to provide the sound track to your isolation.

In light of the growing crisis, we have made the Special Compilation downloadable for a small contribution starting from 7 euros on our Bandcamp page, with all proceeds going to the official emergency fund set up by the Italian Civil Protection Department destined for the COVID-19 crisis in Italy

We have been aware for some time that Italy produces some damn fine funky grooves. But whilst he have been sat here in ‘lockdown’ searching the net, we keep stumbling upon gems like this that make us all the more keen for this isolation to be over so we can get over there and soak up these vibes in the flesh.

This little gem has been put together by the guys behind the Rollover Milano parties, which take place in the Apollo Club, a cocktail bar, and restaurant located in the Navigli canals neighborhood of Milan.

Their parties attract DJs from all over the world and this album reflects that, and features mixes from Rollover Milano and DJ friends all over the world, from Milan to New York, Paris, London, to Ghent.

As with many ‘various artists’ compilations, the album is a bit of a mixed bag with a mixture of styles.

It starts out pleasantly enough, with funky house tunes that put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. As we progress through the album though, the groove gets deeper and the urge to dance becomes less resistible. As I sit here typing my chair is swinging back and forth and I’m clapping my hands to ‘Can’t Get Away’, a funky reworking of a reworking of the Martha Reves and the Vandellas ‘Nowhere to Run’.

Next up we get a complete reworking of Yello’s ‘The Race’, which takes an already funky number and speeds it up and gives it some jazz – in the process becoming a thumping floor filler

‘The Cosmic Cat’ was the presale teaser that grabbed us by the scruff of the neck and prompted us to weigh in for the album before it was released. Deep funky grooves that just get your head bopping uncontrollably and make you wanna throw shapes. Likewise ‘Sit the Fuck Down’, ironically, makes you want to stand the fuck up.

And deeper and deeper we go. Just like a night out in a club, it gets more hedonistic as it progresses, till we finally land on ‘Blinky-Houe in my House’ which is a four to the floor speaker shaker.

But, to bring us back down to earth, whilst this is a sample of what a Milan club night sounds like, as we type, there aint no Milan club nights. The whole of Italy is in the grip of a pandemic.

By weighing in for this album you cankill two birds with one stone. You cn get your hands on some pretty fine grooves, and help fight the bug.

About your donations to the Italian Civil Protection Department COVID-19 emergency fund:

The Civil Protection Department in Italy is the national body that deals with the prediction, prevention, and management of emergency events. It is responsible for managing personnel and the funds for the Coronavirus crisis in Italy across its organization that includes the National Health Service, Scientific Research Committee, the Red Cross and the Police Forces.  The Civil Protection Department has set up a central COVID-19 donation line to which contributions can be made by individuals or institutions. It is the official fund created specifically for the current health crisis across the country. We have chosen this fund as the destination for all proceeds from the ROLLOVER MILANO & FRIENDS against CORONAVIRUS initiative, so as to be sure that your donations go where they are needed most.

And that alone is reason enough to dig into your pockets. Go here to Bandcamp to buy