PEPPERMINT IGUANA RADIO # 116 – No more Mr Nice Guy – live 12/04/16

PAIN and Howard Marks - Let me Grow More Weed
PAIN and Howard Marks – Let me Grow More Weed

Mother festival is wiping the sleep out of her eyes, having a bit of a stretch and putting the kettle on for a cup of chai. To provide a sound track to her wake up, on 12th April 2016 Peppermint Iguana Radio will be featuring some of the bands playing the Something Else Solar Warm Up Party and All Tomorrow’s Parties.

So you can expect Muddy Summers, Doozer McDooze and the Firepit Collective to show up on the play list.

Not only is Mother Festival walking up, but the Peppermint Iguana Beehive is also coming to life, so expect lots of bee related tunes from the likes of –erm – TheBees, The Techniques and two different bands called the Supremes.

Sadly, as we were putting the finishing touches to the play list, we heard the news that on 10th April 2016 Mr Nice, AKA, Howard Marks shuffled off his mortal coil, 21 years to the day after being released from prison. Howard was about as rock and roll as it is possible to be, without actually being a rock and roller. He did dabble with the odd collaboration though, and we will be featuring a few of those throughout the show.

To hear all of this, and more, live go to from 8pm on Tuesday 12th April.

As usual, high five to our sponsors, Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public sector groovers.