LISTEN LIVE: St Valentine’s Day Masacre with Gail Something Else

valentines masacreLove is all you need, some hippy once wrote. Or Love will tear us apart, as some miserable bastard once wrote. Whatever the truth, love has inspired poetry, books, movies, greetings cards and an untold number of songs.

To mark this year’s St Valentine’s Day, Gail Something Else will be joining us once more in the studios of Dapper FM to spin some tunes with the theme of love running through the two hours. Don’t expect it to be all soppy though, cos most of the tunes will actually be anti-love songs.

This is Not a Love Song by PIL, Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division and Love Song by the Damned are just three of the songs that will not be featuring cos they are too predictable.

However, you might hear The Snivelling Shits, Muddy Summers and the Dirty Field Whores and Phat Bollard.

To find out what makes it on to the final play list, go to from 8pm till 10pm GMT on Tuesday 14th February 2017.

Show sponsored, as usual, by UNISON, the union for public service lovers.