LISTEN AGIAN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 231 – Festival Flashbacks Pt 3 (18/08/20)

Regime doing it from the heart

Our third Iguana Radio Show Festival Flashback featured memories of Landed Festival, Shambala, Blue Lagoon, Harvest Fair, Once Upon a Time in the West and The Larmer Tree Festival.

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  1. Mud: BY REGIME
  2. Skippin clouds: BY CAKEHOLE PRESLEY
  3. Twenty pence: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
  4. Open up: BY WITCHES DRUM
  5. Butterfly: BY THE SWINGROWERS
  7. Summer shadows: BY MARTIN HARLEY
  8. Reasons why I dance: BY SLAMBOREE
  9. Brain love: BY ZUB ZUB
  10. Fiddle Castro: BY YOKO PWNO
  11. Get a steady job: BY HEADGAMES
  12. Star of hackney downs: BY TOFU LOVE FROGS
  13. Babylon burning: BY ZION TRAIN
  14. Shopping: BY THE EGG
  15. Autonomous spaces: BY SPANNER
  16. God is a DJ: BY SHOWHAWK DUO
  17. John d revelator: BY JOHN E VISTIK
  18. Dr Who theme dub: BY SMERINS ANTI SOCIAL CLUB
  19. Baby boomtown dub: BY BABYHEAD


First broadcast on on 18th August 2020