Listen Again – Peppermint Iguana Radio Show 108 – 5th January 2016


Scientist have recently discovered a new heavy metal on the periodic table. Apparently serious consideration is being given top calling it Lemmy!

Well, that would be some tribute if it comes off. in the mean time, you will have to make do with the peppermint Iguana tribute, first broadcast on on 5th January.

Listen again below and check out the track listing

Peppermint Iguana radio #108 – 5/01/16 – last of the high rollers by Peppermintiguanaradio on Mixcloud

  1. Overkill: BY MOTORHEAD
  2. Ace of spades: BY PRONGHORN
  3. Feel your love: BY FELIECE TAYLOR
  4. Uh hu oh yeah: BY PAUL WELLER
  5. Soundman: BY BABYHEAD
  6. Are you ready for me: BY PRETTY VICIOUS
  7. Guts: WONK UNIT
  8. Under me sinting: BY REGGIE STEPPER
  9. Silver machine: BY HAWKWIND
  10. Broken Biscuits: BY THE DEVIANTS
  11. Seventy eight revolutions: BY STIFF LITTLE FINGERS
  12. Ballroom blitz: BY THE DAMNED
  13. Getting down: BY EUGENE BLACKNELL
  14. Red sky: BY LOVE BAZAAR
  15. The ugly one: BY KING STITT
  16. Bigger than both of us: BY DODGY
  17. Over the top: BY MOTORDAMN
  18. Abstract reality: BY LACERTILIA
  19. Don’t let me bring you down: BY LAURA MANNING
  20. That very night: BY HOLLY COOK
  21. Try try try: BY CAPITAL LETTERS
  22. Streets of St Pauli: BY THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS
  23. Gettin hip: BY OTIS READING
  24. Doesn’t make it alright: BY THE SPECIALS
  25. Last of the high rollers: BY SUNS OF THUNDER
  26. Masters of the universe: BY SALT TANK
  27. Goin out of my head: BY LITTLE ANTHONY
  28. Enjoy yourself: BY PRINCE BUSTER

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