LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show 250 (12/01/2021)

When all around you is going mad, you can rely on Peppermint Iguana Radio to be a little bit madder. This is what show 250 sounded like


  1. Kick out the Jams: BY THE MC5
  2. What time is love: BY THE KLF
  3. Money is not our god dub: BY KILLING JOKE
  4. Money dub remix: EASY STAR ALLSTARS
  5. Easy to smile: BY SENSELESS THINGS
  6. Noise noise noise demo: BY THE DAMNED
  7. Slow it down: BY DOOZER MCDOOZE
  8. Pendarren street: BY ANDERSON OF A PAINTER
  9. Unruly nation live: BY TARANTISM.
  10. Lanagans ball: BY KILNABOY
  11. Make America great again: BY ABDOUJAPAROV
  12. Donny takes a trip: BY THE FAKE NEWS CORP
  13. Impeach the president: BY THE HONEYDRIPPERS
  14. For gods sake give more power to the people: BY THE CHILITES
  15. Trumpton riots: BY HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT
  16. Never been in a riot: BY THE MEKONS
  17. War peace dub: BY DUBMATIX
  18. Smoke up remix: BY ONDUBGROUND
  19. War on drugs: BY JOHN SINCLAIR
  21. Batman sixty six dub: BY BLACK MARKET
  22. Love train: BY THE WOODENTOPS
  23. What you do to me: BY THE PSYCHODAISIES
  24. Sweet suburbia: BY THE SKIDS
  25. Fever: BY PRINCE FATTY
  26. Silly Games: BY DENNIS BOVELL

First broadcast on Jacs Radio on 12th January 2021