LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 245 (08/12/2020)

Peppermint Iguana Radio Show number 246 went our live on 8th December 2020 and sounded a bit like this

Play list

  1. Holiday in Cambodia: BY THE DEAD KENNEDYS
  2. Solitary confinement: BY THE MEMBERS
  3. Leave it to luck: BY TOPPER HEADON
  4. Life is what happens: BY PAMA INTERNATIONAL
  5. Lockdown: BY UNCIVILIZED
  6. Anti choice: BY THE INFESTED
  8. Plateau tele: BY ZERO TALENT
  9. Another girl another planet: BY THE ONLY ONES
  10. Trains: BY THE BIG
  11. Spanking my monkey: BY DOC SAVAGE
  12. Where did the money go: BY VICTIMIZE
  13. White noise: BY SLAMBOREE
  14. Conscienta: BY THE ORB
  15. Napoleon Bonaparte one and two: BY BUDGIE
  16. Jesus built my hotrod: BY MINISTRY
  17. Skipin clouds: BY CAKEHOLE PRESLEY
  18. Safetypin stuck in my heart for you: BY PATRICK FITZGERALD
  19. London girls: BY THE VIBRATORS
  20. Orgasm addict: BY THE BUZZCOCKS
  21. Chasing the mule: BY VIKING GROOVES
  22. Cowboy: BY BAD BRAINS
  23. Vaccine love song: BY DAVID ROVICS
  24. Time is tight: BY BROOKER T AND THE MGS
  25. If our music was sex it would sound like this: JONNY NEESOM
  26. On days like these: BY MATT MONROE

Show first broadcast on on 8th December 2020