LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show 237: Bye bye Dapper Part One (13/10/20)

The 11th October 2020 was a significant milestone for the Peppermint Iguana Radio Show. It marked nine years to the day since our first show. It also marks the end of an era. The play list for this show reflects this.

After nine years of working with community radio station Dapper FM, the station is now merging with Jacs Aberdare, the Live Music Venue that has provided a home for the Dapper studio for the last two years.

Recent years have been a struggle for Dapper, having lost its original Home in Penywaun and with funding being elusive. From a Peppermint Iguana point of view, the merger now means that we can concentrate on producing shows and have to worry less about keeping the station alive. It’s all good.

Jacs Radio will be launched on 1st November 2020 and Peppermint Iguana will be having a free transfer to the new station. Apart from clicking on a different website to listen, nothing will change.

In the meantime, from now till the end of October, we will be producing a series of ‘end of an era’ shows that reflect the good times we have had over the last nine years. Initially, like this one, it will only be on Mixcloud because the Dapper software has finally given up the ghost. However Jacs have already invested in new software so if we can get our heads around how to drive it in time, we hope to do a live show before the handover to Jacs.

So, without further ado, let the party begin

Play List:

  1. Music is the girl I love: BY THE GENTLEMAN’S DUB CLUB
  2. How to DJ part one to four: BY DOCTOR ALF
  6. Kick out: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  7. I can see clearly now: BY JOHNNY NASH
  8. Ivan Hitler the conqueror: BY BUNNY LEE
  9. Repetitive strain: BY TARANTISM
  10. Red alert: BY KILNABOY
  11. Travelling on: BY ROOTS ORACLE
  12. Festival twenty three: BY THE SPORADICS
  13. All my friends: BY THE BREWER’S DAUGHTER
  14. All my friends are freedom fighters remix: BY EFA SUPERTRAMP
  15. Superspreader: BY FLUVSTER
  16. Death before employment: BY SICKNOTE
  17. I think politicians should be put on minimum wage: BY DOOZER MCDOOZE
  18. Deep cover: BY COSMO
  19. Scary times are never dull: BY AOS3
  20. Requiem: BY KILLING JOKE
  21. Requiem dub: BY KILLING JOKE