LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 229 – Festival Flashbacks Part 1 (04/08/20)

For this show, and for the rest of August,  we are going to have some festival flashbacks.  We are to take you on a journey back in time and share some personal memories from four decades of festival frolics.

From the western fringes of Wales,  to the eastern fringes of east Anglia.

There will be stories from big commercial events, but it will be mostly from grassroots events, with only a few hundred in attendance.

Festivals are a bit like elephants,  difficult to describe,  but you know one when you see it. Hopefully, over the next few weeks we will peice together what makes festivals so appealing.

This week we had tales from Inspirali, Megadog Beach Festival, Surplus, Sonic Rock Solstice, Skanival, Workhouse, Sheep Music, Seven Revels, Forest Fair, Landed, GLC Party in Brockwell Park and more.

Listen again below

Play List

  1. Ravin raven: BY THE INEXPLICABLES
  2. Surplus people: BY RADICAL DANCE FACTION
  3. Where’s our soul gone: BY BACK TO THE PLANET
  4. Wait for the blackout : BY THE DAMNED
  5. Vengeance: BY NEW MODEL ARMY
  6. Baka: BY OUTBACK
  7. Baka live: BY BAKA BEYOND
  8. Hold on tight: BY CAPTAIN PARANOID
  9. Phone in sick: BY SICKNOTE
  10. White man in Hammersmith palais live: BY PAIN
  11. Future space travellers: BY PRANA
  12. Crowzone: BY 2000 DIRTY SQUATTERS
  13. Guns of Brixton: BY INNER TERRESTRIALS
  14. Destroyer of worlds: BY OMNIA OPERA
  15. New world order live: BY HEADJAM

First broadcast on 4th August 2020 on

Next episode of Festival Flashbacks will be on 11th August 2020 at 8pm