LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 208 – The WTF? Play list (28/01/20)

For our show on 28th January we decided to include a few off the wall ‘curve balls’ into the play list.

But as soon as we had posted that on social media it occurred to us that most of our play lists are off the wall anyway. There are very few genres we have not played over the last decade.

But it was fun trying to find some stuff that is out of the ordinary for peppermint iguana. We think we might raise a few eyebrows and grins with this show.

Listen again below

Play list

  1. Oh fortuna: BY CARL ORF
  2. Jungle shadow: BY MC KIRILL
  3. Suspicious minds: REGGAESTA
  4. Booker: BY LEGO EDIT
  5. Surplus people dub: BY RADICAL DANCE FACTION
  7. Sky high: BY CULTURE SHOCK
  8. She’s kerosene: BY THE INTERUPTERS
  9. I’m a believer: BY THE MONKEES
  10. Crazy horses: BY THE OSMONDS
  11. Inner creative state: BY HEADMIX
  12. Music for a found harmonium: PENGUIN CAFÉ ORCHESTRA
  13. Ya bin dun: BY THE BIG
  14. Painkeller dub: BY ED ROME
  15. Dish served cold: BY SHARP KNIVES
  16. You’re knicked: BY THE KNOCK OFF
  17. Get higher: BY THE MOONFLOWERS
  18. Staying alive: BY THE BEE GEES
  19. Wolf Totem: THE HU
  20. Down town: BY PETULA CLARK
  22. Dub jig: BY MANDRAGORA
  23. Sunflower: BY DUBSOULS
  24. On days like these: BY MATT MONROE

First broadcast on on 28th January 2020

High five to Jacs live music venue for giving our station a home