LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio Show # 206 – Highlights of 2019 ish type thing part two (07/01/20)

To kick off 2020 we had part two of our highlights from 2019.

We have already done a three hour special and we have here another two hours of highlights – and still we couldn’t fit it all in – but we have to draw a line somewhere.

Listen again below like innit


  1. Liar liar: BY CAPTAIN SKA
  2. Touch up the key: BLACKOUT JA
  3. Superstylin: BY GENTLEMEN’S DUB CLUB
  4. Special edition: BY FAT FREDDY’S DROP
  5. Levitation Nation: BY SCHPONGLE
  6. Island of sanity: BY MIRSON
  7. Under heavy manners: BY JOE YORKE
  8. Deep sleep: BY PRINCE FATTY
  9. Riding the wave: BY DEAD AT 27
  10. Anarchy beats: BY THE SANDINISTAS
  11. We shall rise: BY ZION TRAIN
  12. Armagiddeon: BY THE SKINTS
  13. Glass staircase: BY ED WYNNE
  14. Ghosts of cable street: BY JOE SOLO
  15. How to DJ parts one to four: BY DR ALF
  16. Dub on camera: BY GAUDI V MAD PROFESSOR
  17. All right: BY LEGO EDIT
  18. Greta speaks: BY THE 1975

Show first broadcast on 7th January 2020 on

High five to Jacs live music venue in Aberdare for providing our station with a home