LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 194 – This is Radio Chiska

On 21st May Chiska Franco joined us in the studio to take over our play list.

He had an interesting way of doing things, we talked over a lot of the music, which seemed like a risky idea, but we think it worked quite well. To see if you agree, listen again below


  1. Bliss: BY REGIME
  2. Lord help the poor and needy: BY JESSIE MAE HEMPHILL
  3. Incident at radio 66.6 FM: BY PUBLIC ENEMY
  4. Teenage warning: BY THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS
  5. Germ free adolescents: BY X RAY SPEX
  6. Don’t believe the hype: BY PUBLIC ENEMY
  7. Dumb it down: BY LUPE FIASCO
  8. Radio Babylon: BY MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO
  9. Exorcist: BY SHADES OF RHYTHM
  10. Keep the fire burning: BY THE HOUSE CREW
  11. London sumtin: BY CODE 071
  12. Circles: BY ADAM F
  13. And the beat goes on live: BY BUDDY RICH
  14. Atlantis: BY LTJ BUKEM
  15. The future: BY LUKE VIBERT
  16. Tunnels in the air: BY LOIS COLE
  17. Romas: BY JUNIOR BILL
  19. I can change: BY LCD SOUNDSYSTYEM
  20. La revedere: BY DUNKLEBUNT
  21. My dream: BY NESBETH
  23. Stompin thru twilight: BY CAPTAIN ACCIDENT
  24. Soldier: BY THE RESONATORS
  25. Bongo bong: BY MANU CHAO
  26. Revox: BY TIM GREEN
  27. Cloud generator: BY KINK
  28. Tell old bill: BY DAVE VAN RONK
  29. Surfin: BY RED HOT POKER
  30. Aint that a bitch: BY RED HOT POKERS
  31. Take it easy: BY RANCH ENTERTAINMENT
  32. Gosh: BY JAMIE XX


Show first broadcast on on Tuesday 21st May 2019

Thanks to our sponsors the union for public service groovers.

And high fives to Jacs live music venue, for giving Dapper FM a home