LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 186 with Gail and Adam

On 12th February 2019 Gail Somethingelse and Adam Whichever dropped in to the studio for a special show.

They strummed guitars, they sang songs about wanking and discussed the merits of sparkly dogs bollocks.

Oh, and we talked about new albums, gigs and festivals.

 To listen again,  check out the mixcloud below  


  1. Ravin’ raven: BY THE INEXPLICABLES
  3. Shop lifting in tesco: BY THE CUJO FAMILY
  4. I’m selling my pork chops: BY MEMPHIS MINNIE
  5. Travelling on: BY ROOTS ORACLE
  6. Jig of life: BY KATE BUSH
  7. When the ship comes in: BY BOB DYLAN
  8. Gutterchild: BY VICE SQUAD
  9. Tories LIVE: BY ADAM
  10. I’d rather go blind: BY TARANTISM
  11. The lodger: BY JAKE THACKERY
  12. Didn’t it rain: BY SISTER ROSETTA THARPE
  13. Wanking song LIVE: BY GAIL
  14. Mosquito mass murderist: BY JEFFREY LEWIS
  15. Atlas: BY JESS SILK
  16. Ouagodougou: BY ONE EYED KING
  17. Big Machine LIVE: BY ADAM
  18. Too fat: BY PAM AYRES
  19. Little baby swastika: BY SKUNK ANANSIE
  20. Always anti-fascist: BY SPANNER
  21. I like that top: BY THE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS
  22. Alexa: BY BEANS ON TOAST

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