LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio #184 – night of the long knives

Listen again to the radio show that prompted the government to move forward it’s vote on Brexit.

On Tuesday the 15th January, 2019, the government were due to vote on a Brexit deal at 8:15pm. However, after realising that the vote clashed with the Peppermint Iguana Radio Show, they rushed through the vote early, so they could get home and listen to us.

To listen again to the show, and find out what all the fuss was about, check out the cloudcast below

*NB – quality alert. We are having problems with the studio kit at the moment so you might hear some static during the show. Do not adjust your sets, that’s our fault – sorry.

** – If you hear gunfire whilst listening to the show, that’s not us, you really are coming under attack so run.


  1. Democracy?: BY THE DAMNED
  2. Take control: BY THE POPES OF CHILLTOWN
  4. La revolucion: BY SLAMBOREE
  6. Storie tra bottigle ciminiere: BY URBAN VIETCONG
  7. Clash city rockers dub: BY PHOENIX CITY ALL-STARS
  8. Know your rights: BY LYNVAL GOLDING
  9. Scraping the barrel: BY JO SOLO
  10. AFA attack: BY FATAL BLOW
  11. Junction three: BY RENEGADE BRASS BAND
  12. Shut up and drive: BY ANDRE M
  13. Kebab spider: BY SLEAFORD MODS
  14. You never know: BY KENNEDY SOUNDTRACK
  15. Blackwood calling: BY REVOLUTION RABBIT DELUXE
  16. Complications: BY THE WOODSMEN
  17. Plynth: BY JEFF BECK GROUP
  18. Oblivious dream: BY DREAM MACHINE
  19. New town dub: BY SWING EASY ORCHESTRA
  20. Mondo Tibet: BY LEGO EDIT
  21. The cozmic key: BY NODENS ICTUS

Show first broadcast on 15th January 2019, on from the studio in the shed out the back of Jacs live music venue.

High five to the show sponsors, the union for public service groovers