LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Novacoda Radio Show

Novacoda live
Novacoda live

Novacoda, AKA Frances and Benjamin, are not just producers of their own brand of electronic dance music, but they teach music and promotion of music through their own studios and classes in the Poncanna Music Rooms,  Cardiff.

Click below to hear them join Peppermint Iguana Radio in the studio live for their first ever venture into the world of internet radio.

First broadcast on on Tuesday 24th January 2017

Play list

1. Can’t Take the Heartbreak: BY NOVACODA
2. Smokestack Lightnin’: BY HOWLIN WOLF
3. History repeating: BY PROPELLERHEADS
4. Kill all hippies: BY PRIMAL SCREAM
5.A leap of faith: BY SLOWCOOKEDGOOSE
7. Arsehole: BY GUTFULL
8. Tear down the law: BY THE SPORADICS
9. Programme the Deprogramme: BY LITTLE ERIS FEATURING SPANA MC –
10. Life on Mars: BY DAVID BOWIE
11. Pigs might fly: BY RAILROAD BILL
12. Jailhouse blues: BY JCS HOPELESS SINNERS
13. Hit it and Quit it : BY FUNKADELIC
14. Trapped: BY KING THING
15. It’s only natural; BY BEANS OF TOAST
16. Black Dog: LED ZEPPELIN
17. Brain Damage: BY PINK FLOYD
18. Big Rock Candy Mountain: BY HARRY ‘HAYWIRE’ MCCLINTOCK
19. Groove is in the Heart (remix): BY WOWZA
20. Right On! (Radio Edit): BY SILICONE SOUL
21. Aint been to no music school: BY THE NOSEBLEEDS
22. Panama: BY NOVACODA