Head Mix Collective Back Catalogue Now Online and New Material in Pipeline

Legendary 90’s festival heroes The Headmix Collective have put their back catalogue goes up on Bandcamp for the first time. And there is new material in the pipeline!

Formed in 1996 out of the remains of Doo the Moog and escapees from the madness that was The Tofu Love Frogs, they quickly became hot festival favourites.

Blending dub with diddly Celtic vibes and African tunes, they were the text book definition of ‘afro-celt’, or as they liked to call themselves,¬† ‘afro-celtic-dub-diddly-folk-rave’.

The live set, which often included bagpipes fiddle and dijeridoo, had people stomping all over Europe.

By the time they split in 2003 they had released their own debut album before being taken under the wing of Zion Train and releasing two more studio albums and a live album.

All four of these rare gems are now available on Bandcamp to download for those that missed them first time around.

There was also a remix album with the likes of Nucleus Roots  Max Pashm and Neil Perch getting stuck in. This remix album will be coming on line shortly.

The band members have gone off to other projects since, including The Don Bradmans and Roots Oracle.

The band got back together to play a few gigs in 2012 and 2013. But will there be any more gigs?

Bass player Ed told Peppermint Iguana

When we reformed for gigs in 2012/13 it was great to play the old stuff but we felt there was only so long we wanted to carry on doing that. We only want to gig again if we can also start to record new material.

As a way of raising funds to do this bandcamp is a good option (publish the old stuff to raise finds to do new stuff), but also as we have been inspired by the recent XR protests it seemed a good way of ‘doing our bit’ to donate money to the XR cause.

So here we are – the stars have aligned!

If you missed them first time around we reccomend you check them out. This shit never gets old.