THE WOODSMAN: Castle of Unrest (Woodsman Music 2020)

Five cuts of uncompromising hardcore shouty punk from the valleys.

From the name of the band you could be forgiven for thinking they were from Blackwood.  But the Woodsman are actually from the next valley over, Bargoed.

There are five tracks here, each short  sharp and to the point. None of them break the three minute barrier Рone of them only clocks in at one minute and five seconds. So dont go putting this CD on in the car expecting to be entertained beyond the end of the street Рunles you have it on repeat.

As you might guess, this is a full on brutal sonic attack from start to finish. Like a madman coming at you with a chainsaw. Hardwood-core?

If you like drums that sound like a machine gun and guitars that make a Harley Davidson sound a bit girly, this is for you.

Amazingly they do manage to squeeze a bit of a rhythm out of the chaos, but if you are hoping to dance to this you’re out of luck – this is the stuff of mosh pits, sweat and tears.

Not for the faint hearted.