BACK TO THE PLANET – Have Left The Building

News has reached us that Back To The Planet have decided to hang up their stirrups. There will be no more gigs or new music for the foreseeable.

Vocalist Fil posted the following message on the band’s Facebook this week.

Hello Everyone

I wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has ever danced and sung along to BTTP over the last 3 decades. And I’m so grateful that our last gig at Equinox was absolutely amazing. Want to say thanks to Frag, Guy, Carl and Hen for all the music and mayhem. We’ve had a blast.

To put things into perspective. For us the last few years have been very hard as it has been for others too. And in a nutshell all 5 of us cant put in the commitment needed for us to continue gigging and writing etc. And so I decided to leave and then so did Henry.

Frag and Henry want to keep our profile going I guess for merch purposes. So it would be great if we can sell off some merch.

As for me personally I’m gutted and equally done in by it all. But I’m so very grateful to have made the music with all BTTP band members past ( Alex, Marshall, Amir, Ben and Jamie) and present. And am so happy to have been able to make others happy (I hope) with our music.
Dunno what else to say except thankyou.
Back to the Planet were part of the cutting edge of the 90s music scene, when punk, dance and dub started to mix and embrace the emerging new technologies. They split in 1995 but returned in 2006 – very much a band with unfinished business. Not just a nostalgia trip, they tore up the scene once again – possibly better than they had the first time around.
We managed to sit down and interview the band at Surplus Festival in 2015 – you can read the results here
Their final gig was at the legendary Equinox Festival, September 2021 – and Fraggle even managed to organise things for his Dad to make the journey to Grimsby for the event
Frag has stated
That’s it for Back to the Planet now: we’ve all got too much Unavoidable Life Stuff to be able to commit to it, and it’s not the kinda thing we can do half-arsed, yaknow?
I got to take my dad to the last gig. That was awesome and emotional and my undying thanks go to all involved in planning that.
As for the Planets, we’re all still firm friends, and trust me when I say that, when bands split up, that’s a true rarity.
Next up, for me, Henry and Guy are helping record the Skraelings album, bless their little cotton socks 🙂
To Fil Walters, Carl Hendrix, Guy McGeeze, Henry Cullen, Alex Hore, Marshall Penn, Amir Mojazzer, Alex Holland, and our myriad awesome crew, thank you so much for all of it.
And to you lot, thank you, for everything. It’s been a trip, hasn’t it 🙂
One Love. See you in a field
As Frag has said, he still has the Skraelings, and the rest of the guys have various dj/production/remix stuff going on, so the guys are not leaving the scene totally.
I’m sure anyone who has come accross the band in the last thirty years will join us is saying – so long, and thanks for all the fish. Quite literally – missing you already.