a bit of tom jones
a bit of tom jones

The basic plot of A Bit Of Tom Jones is based around the flims idea of a guy buying Tom Jones cock in a pub and spending the rest of the film trying to sell it to rich perverts that collect celebrity body parts. (Which is, of course, not unusual). It is a cross between Twin Town, Satellite City and a Carry On movie. On times the plot is – well – just plain silly, but there are a considerable number of scenes that produce all out belly laughs. Porn cinemas, brothels run by grannys in the middle of a valley terrace, police stations, helicopters and dumper trucks all some how fit into the story.

Featuring everyone’s favourite dirty granny, Margaret John (Gavin and Stacy, High Hopes), Denise Welch (Waterloo Road, Coronation Street), Johnny Owen (Shameless and a fans view of the Cardiff City in the FA Cup) and the legendary Geno Washington, it is a reminder of how much talent is about in Wales at the moment.

The mixture of familiar locations and valley humour make it quite unique and will be of special interest to valleys bods; although anyone with a wicked sense of humour will enjoy

This low budget (£100,00) film made in Tredegar (South Wales) was originally only intended to be shown in Wales, but is now starting to get a handful of screenings of cinemas over the bridge. Funded by local businessmen and with only  a handful of prints available, it has been outselling all other films in Merthyr Tydfil’s Vue cinema, including Michael Jackson and Michael Caine’s Harry Brown – and rightly so. This film is too good to be confined and sooner or later it is going to get the publicity it deserves.