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LISTEN AGAIN Peppermint Iguana Radio # 123 – 02/08/16 – Green Kaya Special

DSC_0220This week we showcased the forthcoming Green Gathering and Kaya festivals, talked about current affairs, took the piss out of each other, spun some new tunes and some hidden gems from the past. Same as usual then!

Play list as follows

2. Captivity is cruel: BY PRIMEVAL SOUP
3. Summer time : BY BILLY STEWART
4. My woman’s love: BY JIMMY RILEY
5. Immigrants and dissidents: BY WILL TUN AND THE WASTERS
6. Living in a rut: BY THE MOON BIRDS
7. Christian dior: BY ADAM AND THE ANTZ
8. Hookup girl: BY VIV ALBERTINE
9. I could be free: BY EFA SUPERTRAMP
10. What you see is what you are: BY HERE AND NOW
12. Too late to turn back now: ALTON ELIS
13. Anarchist in Homebase: BY TARANTISM
14. Hope and glory: BY THE UPBEAT SNEAKERS
15. What’s so funny about peace love and understanding: BY ELVIS COSTELLO AND THE ATTRACTIONS
16. Don’t touch me tomato: BY PHILYS DILLION
19. Thinking of the USA : BY EATER
21. Hear the trumpets sound: BY COSMO
22. Spirit of the radio: BY RUSH
23. You don’t know where your interest lies: BY DANA VALERY
24. I can only give you everything: BY NAZ NOMAD AND THE NIGHTMARES
25. The old school will rise: BY THE CHALK OUTLINES
26. Skank it out: BY DOPE BISCUITS
27. You’ve got a friend: BY CAROL KING
28. That summer feeling: BY JONATHON RICHMOND

First broadcast on 2nd August 2016 on Dapper FM.

Show sponsored by Rhondda Cynon Taff UNISON, the union for public service groovers.


Now is our winter of disco in tents

We surfaced at the crack of mid afternoon. We had planned on getting up for Reverend Dread’s Sinday Service set in the dance tent at noon, but it was too warm and dry in the tent.

Mmm Steamers
Mmm Steamers

First stop was the cafe for a caramel Steamer then to stand at the back of the dance tent watching the big box little box crew grooving to one of the many DJs that made up Psy-Sunday. We then had a bit of a wander, took some photographs of the kids on the bungee swing, stuck our head inside the ‘psychonaught’ machine for a psychedelic ten minutes and back over to the buskers stage.

Again, there was some sort of hip hop jam going on. Clearly they had not spent half the day in bed like we had, ‘cos at four in the afternoon they had the thousand yard stare and mile wide grins, but still managed to get a decent free style beat box and rap session going. Continue reading LANDED FESTIVAL REVIEW: Sunday (01/05/16)

LANDED FESTIVAL REVIEW: Saturday (30/04/16)

Someone has got the horn
Someone has got the horn

Waking up at the crack of noon we went for a day time reckie. The site is on land owned by descendents of James Watt, the steam engine bloke. Apparently they have the honour of being heirs to the title Lord Watt of Wye. The site is at the bottom of a beautiful valley, has the A470 and Doldowlod Hall on one side, with the River Wye bordering the other side of the site.

In between is beautiful flat lush grass land with some magnificent ancient trees dotted around the site.

Fruit (they are not real you know, really!)
Fruit (they are not real you know, really!)

For this weekend the trees are complimented by several stages, a bar, several small cafes, a craft area, a small market space, kids area, circus area, the deliberately trippy psychonaut tent and the obligatory dance tent. Scattered around this are random acts of beauty, in the shape a variety of sculptures. Continue reading LANDED FESTIVAL REVIEW: Saturday (30/04/16)


The sttely home of Lord Watt of Wye
The sttely home of Lord Watt of Wye

Preparing for a festival we don’t normally have to worry about being prepared for snow and ice, but amazingly this was potentially on the cards for Landed Festival this year. It was with some trepidation we set off up the A470, but we needn’t have worried, the festival was always going to eclipse anything Mother Nature had to throw at us.

Arriving on Friday evening it was clear from the off that this was going to be a laid back friendly event. The gate crew were warm and welcoming and as we drove into the site lots of familiar faces reminded us what a tight knit and welcoming community the festival family is.

Once we had plotted up for the weekend it was time for a quick sprint around the site to get bearings and establish what was on the menu for tonight. Only on site an hour and we had our first ‘clash’. Was it to be Kilnaboy on the Main Stage or Cosmo in the Verbal Melodies tent. Fortunately, with a site this size, it was not too difficult to flit between the both.

Kilnaboy (and girl)
Kilnaboy (and girl)

Kilnaboy have been slowly but surely slogging away at it for over a decade now. With each year they get tighter and – once the perennial support band – now claim decent slots on the bill of any half decent festival. Their usual rawkus set of punk fuelled celtic rebel music had the well wrapped up crowd losing layers and warming up the tent. Being so familiar with a band you sometimes assume everyone knows them, but it was clear from the response that even those that had not come across them before were loving it. Continue reading LANDED FESTIVAL REVIEW: Friday (29/04/16)

FESTIVALS – the most fun you can have with your clothes on

Surplus Festival 2015
Surplus Festival 2015

Our 2016 festival listing has been updated again this morning. Thanks to those that have alerted us to festivals we have not known about (and thanks to those that have pointed out the obvious one we forgot about).

Festivals are the most fun you can have with your clothes on – although you don’t necessarily have to stay fully clothed. They are a gathering of like minded individuals who wish to escape the drudgery of wage slavery and let their hair down listening to music, drinking beer and standing around campfires talking nonsense. These days many festivals will include children’s areas, cinemas, political debates, craft workshops, comedy tents and more. If you have never been to one, you really should. It might just change your life – it certainly changed ours.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the strong arm of the law came down very heavily on free festivals and it took the scene a very long time to recover. In the wake of legislation aimed specifically at stopping free parties organisers tried out various models for events, some more successful than others. These days there are a lot of grass roots festival organisers who have got their shit together and put on safe, vibrant, innovative, sustainable events for anything from a few hundred to a few thousand.

Capitalism has woken up to the fact that people like to go to festivals. Where there used to be a handful of commercial events like Reading and Donnington, there are now huge commercial events all over the country throughout the summer.

Smaller events are generally less commercial, more friendly and have a better vibe that the giant McFestivals where you can find yourself, literally, half a mile from the stage with a sea of strangers in-between you and the band you are watching. Small does not necessarily mean lower quality. No, you won’t get huge stars playing to a crowd of five hundred, but you will still find some high quality cutting edge talent on display – for a fraction of the price of the big commercial events. The vibe will be more relaxed and your neighbours are more likely to talk to talk to you.