LISTEN AGAIN: Peppermint Iguana Radio # 197 – Shhhh – Surplus Special – Don’t tell anyone (02/07/19)

Our most recent show had a play list heavily dominated by bands playing the forthcoming Surplus Festival

Cos Surplus Fest is back – yey! But to make sure the BBC and the Wimbledon set don’t turn up, it’s at a secret location hidden in the hills of mid wales.

We can’t tell you where it is, but we can let you know what it will sound like, all you have to do is click on the cloudcast below.

Play lists like this should be easy, but with so many mates appearing, that have been played so many times on the show, its hard work trying to balance not repeating previous play lists and not leaving mates out – so apologies to mates playing Surplus we have left out.


  1. Piss funk: BY SIXTY FOOT DOLLS
  2. Shards: BY ZUBZUB
  3. Green green grass: BY BREWER’S DAUGHTER
  4. Bubble bubble: BY THE STIFF JOINTS
  5. Back from the Light: BY THE SKRAELINGS
  6. Father Todd and his … BY SENDELICA
  7. Ketamine killed the party: BY MAD GOG COLLECTIVE
  8. Free spirits: BY MERCURIUS RISING
  9. Festival twenty three : BY THE SPORADICS
  10. The people’s trial of Jeremy Kyle: BY SPANNER
  11. Skankbilly blues: BY ARMY OF SKANKS
  12. Ketamine Kim: BY NORTHERN MONKEY
  13. Release the dub: BY DUB THE EARTH
  15. Politics of ecstasy: BY ASTRALASIA
  16. Realise your purpose: BY ASTRALASIA
  17. Crashing into the future: BY LACERTILLIA
  18. Mighty soldier: BY RUTS DC
  20. Loner boogie: BY BOY AZUGA
  21. Scary times are never dull: BY AOS3
  22. What you see is what you are: BY HERE AND NOW
  23. Devil’s dancefloor: BY FLOGGING MOLLY
  24. Evil eye: NOISESHAPER
  25. I’m no robot: BY DUBBLESTANDART
  26. Tuff dub: PILLARS OF DUB


First broadcast on on 2nd July 3019

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