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ARE YOU WATCHING GARETH BALE? Cardiff marches to fight for the right to party.

Labour MPs like to dance as well
Labour MPs like to dance as well

On 29th April thousands of music lovers marched through Cardiff under the banner ‘Save Womanby Street’. What’s that all about and why should we care?

In this globalised world it is increasingly difficult to tell apart different town and city centres. High streets are dominated by chain stores and local pubs are becoming a rarity, with corporate bars with names like the Slug and Lettuce becoming the norm. Whetherspoons rule the world as the bulk buying power of identikit chains force old skool family pubs out of business.

The towns and cities that are interesting, the ones that are worth visiting, are the ones that have their own character and home grown culture. Culture is the beating heart of a city, without culture the city dies. But culture cannot be manufactured. It has to grow organically from the grass roots, with its foundations in the local community.

Music, art and culture have for decades led the way for the regeneration of run down communities. Previously ignored districts suddenly become vibrant places where people want to live.

Ironically, vultures are never far behind, swooping in to develop properties in areas that are now suddenly sought after and ‘gentrification’ kicks in.

In the process the culture that made the place so vibrant is suffocated and all is left is hipsters charging eight quid for a bowl of breakfast cereal, a fiver for a half pint of home brew and barbers specialising in craft beards. The people that made the area are suddenly priced out of their own community and unwelcome. Continue reading ARE YOU WATCHING GARETH BALE? Cardiff marches to fight for the right to party.



Tyr-y-berth has been revolting this week, as protestors have gathered every night to say ‘down with this sort of thing’, outside a travelling show put on by the UKs last Lion Tamer.

The once famous Chipperfield Circus, regulars on prime time 1970s Saturday night TV, appear to have fragmented. Thomas Chipperfiled now splits his time between running ‘An Evening with Lions and Tigers’ and defending himself in the media.

The show cannot tour England at the moment, because the cages in which he keeps the animals have been declared too small by DEFRA. As a result, he has resorted to touring Wales, where the legislation is slightly different. The aim of the tour appears to be to raise money to increase the size of the animals ‘enclosures’.

An enclosure sounds nice, but what they actually mean is ‘cage’. If you read between the lines, they seem to be accepting themselves that their cages are currently too small. (We have not touched on whether they should be in these cages in the first place). Continue reading WELSH VALLEYS SAY NO TO ‘AN EVENING WITH LIONS AND TIGERS’